Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is the corner stone technology for building a Condition Based Maintenance Regime. G-Ray Diagnostics Ltd have 30 year’s experience of developing databases to accurately monitor a significant range of equipment allowing optimum data accuracy to be recorded and trended.

We primarily use Emerson/CSI Products covering hardware from the 2130 through to the 2140 range of Machinery Analysers. MHM Suite software is also used as the focal point in hosting, trending, diagnosing and reporting on the relevant data.

We are experienced in monitoring a diverse selection of equipment from simple induction Motors to Complex Gas and Steam Turbine equipment.

Conventional routine measurements using rare earth magnet mounts to interfacing with a range of Protection Sytems i.e. Bently Nevada 1700 Field Units, 3300 and 3500 Rack Systems and many more different vendor applications can be facilitated. 

Our recorded measurements are reflected against industry standard guidelines ISO 10816 , ISO 7919, and various API Standards suited to the application.

G-Ray Diagnostics Ltd can offer various options to the customer as required:

  • Routine scheduled measurements

  • FAT/Acceptance Testing

  • Commissioning and Baselining (New Equipment)

  • Equipment Trouble Shooting

  • On-Line System Configuration (Bently Nevada etc)

  • In-House Consultancy and Database evaluation

The following Techniques can all be conducted dependant on requirement:

  • Slow Speed Monitoring using Emerson/CSI Peakvue mthodologies

  • Cascade Analysis (Natural Frequency Analysis)

  • Bode Plotting (Peak/Phase & Nyquist)

  • Cross Channel Phase, Keyphasor or Independent Tacho Phase measurements

  • Orbit Analysis

  • Advanced Transient measurements

  • Impact Testing (using various modal hammer configurations)