Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment is a pro-active method of making sure that Coupling Alignment is conducted efficiently and accurately. Secondary damage caused by poorly aligned shafts is common within industry and the use of lasers eradicates any errors caused by “old school” methods such as Straight Edges, Wire Traces and even Dial Test Indicators.

G-Ray Diagnostics Ltd use the Pruftechnik range of equipment to provide services and training allowing various different alignments to be conducted including:

  • Conventional Shaft to Shaft

  • Spacer Shaft Systems 

  • Multi-train Equipment configurations

  • Vertical Flange Mount

  • Cardan Shaft configurations

  • White Metal/Sleeve Bearing configurations

Equipment History:

  • Engine to Generators (Jenbacher Series 3, 4, and 6, MWM (Deutz) and Caterpillar)

  • Steam Turbines to Gearbox to Generators

  • Gas Turbine Multi-Trains

  • Motor to Pumps

  • Motor to Cooling Fans

  • Fin Fan to Motor (Belt Alignment using Pulley Lasers)