About Us

G-RAY Diagnostics Ltd provide Condition Based Maintenance support and services to a diverse sector of industries. 30 years of experience developing various diagnostic monitoring techniques that have been tried and tested to allow maintenance scheduling to be conducted based on an accurate known condition rather than the conventional “run hours” or “run to failure” regimes often used within modern industry environments.

G-RAY Strategy

Once the enquiry has been evaluated during a consultancy briefing a team of fully trained engineers provide initial service support relative to any of our provided services.

The Service support is then continued on a pre-defined schedule until the development is complete to allow the customer to then continue in-house.

Equipment and training packages to suit each of our individual technologies can be conducted allowing individuals to be fully certified to industry standards.

The above strategy depends on the Customer budgets i.e equipment purchases and designated labour availability. The resulting predictive maintenance programmes often progress to in house reliability departments being formed allowing an accurate data driven philosophy to be fed into the current maintenance scheduling optimising plant reliability.