Dynamic Balancing

Imbalance is the most common forcing function recorded within rotational equipment. This can be associated with worn components, product build up or inaccuracies within the re-build following recent refurbishment.

G-Ray Diagnostics Ltd have the ability to conduct field balancing using either single or two plane balancing techniques.
Trial Weight application can be formatted to suit the individual equipment design of the weight collars.

The option to have a Rotor balanced in-situ can save excessive amounts of money, time and labour.

All balancing is conducted to the relevant industry standards and is further enhanced by conducting a vibration signature to complete the process and confirm an acceptable baseline has been recorded.

Equipment History:

  • Various Fan designs

  • Vertical Pumps above 500 KW

  • Horizontal Pumps

  • Steam Turbine Rotors

  • Gas Turbine Generators including Power Turbine Blading

  • H.P Compressors

  • L.P Compressors

  • Centrifuges