Motion Amplification

We are really excited at G-RAY Diagnostics Ltd to introduce and offer Motion Amplification (MA), a unique revolutionary technology. We genuinely feel the MA technology is a “Game Changer” in terms of vibration verification, troubleshooting, R&D and root cause analysis via its amazing ability to clearly visualize vibration motion.

MA technology is very simple to use, quick and easily helps you identify where the vibration motion is coming from, by visualizing a complete system, asset, machine or components motion using the cameras 2.3 million sensors. You can even get accurate frequency, time waveform and amplitude data from anywhere on the MA video using the non-contact software module. The latest update also allows you to filter an individual frequency and create a new motion video visualizing that frequency only.

We’ve had some great successes this year using the IRIS M system and received very positive feedback from a number of customers in a wide range of Industries.

Take a look at our Case Studies that cover various troubleshooting surveys that have been conducted using our latest (MA) technology.